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Welcome to the Source Code section of this web site. Most of the projects are developed with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 using the MFC class libraries, but they can be easily converted to a more recent version of de development environment.

Pablo Software Solutions has two MFC extension packages available:

MFC Extension Package - Classes Edition
This group contains miscellaneous MFC classes.
The package contains 17 classes and 10 full applications! POP3, SMTP, XML, encryption, TAR, DBF, expression and MIME classes. Also in this package the full source code of Baby FTP Server, Baby POP3 Server, Update IP, Cookie Viewer and much more!!!
See the full list here.

MFC Extension Package - Controls Edition
This group contains MFC controls that can be used to enhance your application’s user interface.
19 controls and 7 full applications.
Several button controls, a complete skin engine, menu controls, XP task pane, One Note like tab control and lots of other control and complete application!!!
See the full list here.

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